What is RunEurope?

RunEurope was started by Jason and Cameron, two friends who were looking to do something unforgettable.  


On a warm summer evening in Victoria Park, we made a commitment to fill 2016 with physical achievement and cultural discovery. How? By running 12 half marathons in 12 countries in one year.


We flew out once a month to exciting destinations, filled up on local delicacies, and pounded the pavements the next day. After each race, we hit the nearest bar and celebrated as long as our tired legs would allow.

RunEurope was about sharing an amazing year together and getting people involved. We're looking at future opportunities to participate in a similar programme of events, so if you're interested then please get in touch:


Jay and Cam led the charge across Europe in 2016

Can I join?

RunEurope is now finished but future programmes of events will be targeted at anyone interested in running or travelling.


  • Are you a seasoned runner? Well then you'll love experiencing the challenges that different climates and terrains bring.


  • You're an average runner or hardly run? Brilliant, get training and let the destinations be your reward.


  • No interest in running but love travel? Great. We'll be at each one for a few days & would love nothing more than to discover each place with you.

RunEurope Stage 6 (June 2016) - The Isle of Skye, Scotland

Where does it take place?

We chose 12 different locations across Europe, spanning from major cities like Oslo, to quieter mountainous destinations like the Isle of Skye. Check out our full 2016 schedule here.

How much does it cost?

Costs vary per trip, but it was possible to do all of them on a budget. Take our January trip to Marrakech for example - flights, hostel accommodation and race entry came to just £150. 

RunEurope Stage 5 (May 2016) - Dubrovnik, Croatia

Do I have to run at every event?

Absolutely not. No one was expected to commit to all twelve races. Even if there's only one destination on the list that takes your fancy, come and join us for that one.

Who is it in aid of?

We wouldn't set up a running programme without involving a charity! 2016 donations will go to the Alzheimer's SocietyFeel free to channel donations to our JustGiving page or set up your own for a charity that is close to your heart. 

RunEurope Stage 7 (July 2016) - Davos, Switzerland

How do I get involved?

RunEurope is now over but if you're interested in future events that we choose to participate in then please get in touch: