Preparing for 2016 - The Stockholm Half-Marathon

For those of you weren’t aware, and those of you that were bored of hearing about it, we recently went to Stockholm to run the half marathon on 12th September.

Stockholm was one of the runs we were excited about for next year but I have my even more exciting brother’s wedding to go to so we brought it forward to this year.

This was a perfect trial run for next year and this is what we discovered:

A 3 day week-end trip works perfectly for a race and to explore the city

3 days is ample time to discover the city Following the same format for next year, we flew to Stockholm the morning before the race. We spent the rest of the day walking around the city & talking in some sights. The Saturday was focused on the race & a wee celebratory drink afterwards. Sunday we still had time to discover & take in a local experience in the format of a Hammerby FC football match... Something you really have to experience if you have time in Stockholm. And like football of course.

Listen to your own body

We read loads of articles about what to eat the week up to the race, the morning of the race & about 'carbing up'... We're gonna ignore it all! Listen to your body & what it needs, then go from there. No one knows your body like you. Had we listened to our bodies we wouldn't have eaten so close to the race (3 hours before) and nearly had a Paula Radcliffe moment 10km in... Thank god that cafe had a vacant toilet!!

Rehydrate after the race

We pushed our body to the limit in order to achieve the best time possible. Unfortunately we didn't rewards it with the fluids it needs to recover, oh no. We decided to continue the dehydration theme & focus on alcohol. Not good. We were both quite exhausted & drained for weeks after the race leading to us picking up colds.

The crowd really help

In our training the maximum distance we'd covered was 15km, a big step up for an additional 6km plus on race day.

However the atmosphere and crowd really push you on and make a huge difference. For that I'll always be grateful for those who turn up to cheer you on & make the day so special.

We can't wait for next year

The biggest thing we took from this experience is just how amazing it's going to be doing these weekends once a month for a whole year. In 12 different countries no less. And now, to coin an Australian expression, 'we're pumped' for the amazing year to come.


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