RunEurope Quiz raises £200 for Alzheimer's Society

December brought an early Christmas gift for RunEurope, with a full house of punters at our fundraising quiz. The Mulberry Bush pub in Waterloo provided shelter from the miserable weather to 35 friends and family, all there to support the 2016 adventure. After several rounds of drinks and questions, a wine bucket was passed round to generous drunks, who donated a cushty £200. Lovely Jubbly.

The quiz featured plenty of heckling, disagreements with the quizmaster, lost phones, inappropriate team names and some fiercely competitive personalities. Needless to say, a good time was had by most. David Ader, Hugo Pedder, Kevin Loke, Greg Brownlow and Jack Allen were crowned the winners after 4 testing rounds of questions. They took home 6 bottles of Prosecco (which were promptly consumed) and a scratchcard. A few scratches later another £5 was donated to the RunEurope pot. The losers went home with a festive consollation prize - warm turkey slices from Sainsbury's. Yum.

The whole thing went so well, we may even do it again sometime. For now, we're continuing to collect donations on behalf of Alzheimer's Society and you can contribute here. In the coming weeks we'll be focusing on our first run in Marrakesh on the 31st January. Make sure you check our schedule to get involved in upcoming races.


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