Stage 2: Barcelona - “Those who can, run. Those who can’t, have breakfast.”

We just got back from Barcelona and Cameron's favourite (and only) sister was kind enough to write a little testimony about coming along and supporting us! For all you non-runners out there, have a read of what tagging along as a supporter is like... and yes, you can factor in that it's a little biased because it's written by a relative ;)

I can’t run for toffee, or any other kind of confectionery. But when Cameron invited us along to Barcelona for the second leg of RunEurope, the call to one of my favourite cities was too strong to resist. So we departed the grey, windy squall of Mud Island and arrived in serene 20-degree heat for some sight-seeing, fabulous food and cava on the beach. A great use of a February weekend!

I’ve been to Barcelona several times, but coming for the half marathon added a fresh new dimension to the visit. The atmosphere at the starting line was electric, and watching 17,000 runners set off was hugely inspiring and motivating. I’ll be honest, it was also very nice to be able to go and get a delicious breakfast while Cameron and Jay ran around what was, by all accounts, an absolutely amazing course, but seeing them come in at the end was dead exciting as well. Jay ran it in something ridiculous like 1h31; Cameron got #abitsickhalfwayround, but finished with a smile on his face.

After the race we spent the afternoon with a mountain of gorgeous tapas and a lot of cava at a bar on the beach, and made something of a scene with our a cappella versions of pop hits like Uptown Funk. We rounded out the day with visits to various bars and, at one point, a playground. It was brilliant.

Visiting a gorgeous city like Barcelona is always fun, but it was great to know that this particular trip was in support of something cool and exciting like RunEurope, and in support of the Alzheimers’ Society. I’ll be back for Palermo, and hopefully at least one other! Thanks Cam and Jay!

From Left: Cameron, Lois, Adam, Jessica, Tilly, Paul, Cheryl, Jason

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