Stage 5: Old Town, New Tricks

What gets you up in the morning?

Work, kids, religion, family, exercise, other daily commitments… all good reasons to hopefully make you rise and face the day with a smile on your face.

But for some reason, we find it easier to rise when we know we’re going travelling that morning. Travel makes us bound out of bed with energy we’re not usually accustomed to and accompanied by a smile which is somehow bigger than normal.

We even feel that way if we have to get up 4 hours earlier then we would do usually, and face 6 hours travel that morning.

And that’s exactly what we faced and felt this glorious weekend

Dubrovnik's old town is a stunning medieval-esqe city. On one side you have the beautiful clear waters of the Adriatic Sea, with the Srd mountain range on the other. This really is heaven on earth.

The day we arrived the sun was shining and it was a lovely warm humid day. After soaking in the old town, walking the walls and ambling through the steep narrow streets, we kicked back and sunbathed on Banje beach. For the record, the water was FREEZING! Very deceptive. The evening was filled with a seafood platter to share, all cooked to perfection at Lady pi-pi’s restaurant before we took a quick ride in the cable car to the top of mount Srd, just in time to take in the sunset and the 60km breathtaking views. Taking the path and walking down also allowed us to soak up the sunset for another 30 minutes (as well as loosening up the muscles for Sunday)

Sea, beaches, mountains, medieval old town, glorious sunset… we can honestly say that all in all this is the best days travel we have ever experienced so far.

Sunday saw the second ever Du Motion Dubrovnik half marathon with around 650 participants, more than twice the previous year. The Race Director Alen Boskovic was everywhere, interacting with runners and continuing to organise everything right up until the last minute. We were lucky enough to catch a moment of his time whilst picking up our race numbers. He gave the race a real personal touch and made us feel so welcome. His passion for this run comes across as he talks about his plans to grow the race organically, with spaces capped at 1,500 for the 2017 event. It was extremely well organised and supported by volunteers and locals.

The run itself was stunning, starting in the Old Town and leaving out the south exit before heading north out of Dubrovnik towards the 11km point at Rozat and finally heading back along the same route to finish on Stradun, the main street In the old town. The route was beautiful, continuing the theme of sea on one side and mountain on the other. Along with blisters, I wouldn’t be surprised if runners had whiplash taking in these views!

The rain fell heavily during the run but that did nothing to dampen the spirits of runners or spectators. If anything it spurred everyone on even more. At one refreshment point I witnessed a runner stopping to do press-ups to entertain the crowd… where he got the energy from we have no idea! And there’s no way we could not mention the runner who completed the run in a time around 1:30, in a two-piece suit!! Top hats off to you sir!!

We thoroughly enjoyed every minute of this experience. The organisers were brilliant and extremely friendly. We cannot thank Alen, Bruno, Leah and the rest of the team enough for helping spread the word of our cause. The fellow runners were extremely friendly, receptive and supportive to our cause as well. Shout out to Graham completing his first every half marathon, what a one to pick!

Du motion has kindly posted photos of the event on Facebook, if you wish to check out the race please head here

Dubrovnik you were amazing and we shall be back, that’s for certain.

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