Stage 6: Half way there!

Four months from the sunshine and buzz of Barcelona, we joined Jason and Cam for Skye. When the schedule was drawn up we always knew that Skye was one we had to attend. So we set off at 5am for our 12 hour drive up to Skye with Emma and James (James had been given special time off school to go to Skye and see his Uncle run in the half marathon, and was really excited about the trip). Throughout the journey in Scotland we were met with wonderful scenery and when we crossed the bridge into Skye the views were even more breathtaking.

This particular run had a real community feel about it and they had all worked hard to give the runners a buffet and refreshments once they had finished the race. The atmosphere around the start/finish line was amazing, as the runners were led to the starting line with a pipe band and the street was lined with well-wishers. AND THEY WERE OFF! Whilst Jason and Cam and 620 other runners went off to complete their 13.1 miles of running, we went off for tea, coffee and cakes.

After 1 hour and 5 minutes we heard the front runners were almost done so Emma and myself went to the finish line to cheer them over, while Paul and James went around the corner to allow James to run the last 200 yards with Jason. Jason, supported by James, crossed the line in a respectful 1 hour 29 minutes (finishing 36th), and we were delighted to see Cam cross the line with a smile on his face in 1 hour 41 minutes (finishing 108th). This was then followed by popping a bottle of fizz and a very long drinking session.

The following morning we all met up for breakfast and then had the privilege of driving the route they ran. WOW how many hills! And what an amazing backdrop for the run. Jason shared how topical his playlist was with “Move On Up “ by Curtis Mayfield and “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough" by Diana Ross kicking in just at the right moments.

We are so proud of what Jason and Cam have achieved so far this year. A close friend is currently nursing her father through this terrible illness and we can see the devastating effects that this has on families and loved ones. So we look forward to supporting Jason and Cam through the remaining half marathons planned for this year and we will definitely be joining them again.

Just a thought - “Don’t count the days…. Make the days count” (Muhammad Ali, 1942-2016)

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